Ajahn Keng, the abbot of Santi Forest Monastery, Ulu Tiram, Johor invited Loung Por Deng from Chiangmai to Johor, Singapore and will stopover in Kuala Lumpur. 
 Ti-Ratana Penchala have the honor to host Loung Por Deng's stay in Kuala Lumpur and we are happy to share this good opportunity with all.
Loung Por Deng of age 64 yr. old with 42 Vassa is senior disciple of Late Loung Por Chiah who is disciple and Upatak (attendant) of the Great Master Ajahn Mun.
Here in the concrete jungle, we have Loung Por Deng in person sharing with us city folks his 30 years austere practices in the wilderness of the deep forest jungle and his profound teaching which points directly to the dhamma.

Date:                Dhamma Q & A-6 July 2011 Wednesday
Time:                8pm
Venue:              Ti-Ratana Penchala Community Centre, Shrine Hall

Date:                Sangha Dana 7 July 2011 Thursday
Time:                10am
Venue:              Ti-Ratana Penchala Community Centre, Shrine Hall

Date:                Dhamma Q & A-7 July 2011 Thursday
Time:                8pm
Venue:              Ti-Ratana Penchala Community Centre, Shrine Hall

  # Meal Dana should starts at 10AM unless otherwise agreed by the Ajahns. 
-All devotees are advised to use the right passage after you enter the main gate to go to the kitchen if you bring food for dana and if they are in packets, you may use the food container available at the centre. Those food already in the container, you may place them on the table available in shrine hall, ensure the food has a spoon to enable the monks to pick up the food.
- The left passage is STRICTLY for Sanghas (monks).
- Use the right passage side door if you need to go to the Gents or Ladies.
- Use the front glass door to enter the shrine hall
- Bring along extra containers or tiffin, we are most happy to share blessed food after everyone has taken their meal.
- Washing area is provided at the back of the centre (wet kitchen), kindly wash your own cutleries & utensils after use and place them in the basket provided. Kindly be patience as we have limited washing basins.
- Set up tables to place food for dana and also chairs for devotees to sit during meal. And also to keep the tables &chairs away after the meal.
- Help to mob the shrine hall after the dana
-Wash the floor after dana
-Help to clear & wash the food containers use after dana

Remarks - Strictly NO PORK to be served at Ti-Ratana Penchala 

According to Thai forest tradition, lay people do not touch the food once it is offered. The monks will help them self serving the food. (Once the food is touched, it has to be re-offered...)


The Venerables observe a total of 227 rules. It is therefore of paramount importance that we as, the Lay Devotees, ensure that  we conduct ourselves properly so that the Venerables do not breach any rules.  Here we wish highlight the few rules which we as Lay Devotees can take note of:-

Dress Code        
For male devotees          :              Long pants and shirt or T-shirt with shoulders covered.
For female devotees      :               Long pants or long skirt and shirt or T-shirt with shoulders covered
NO shorts, NO tank tops. NO transparent shirt or T-shirt. Three-quarter pant is not encouraged.

Handling of Money
The Venerables cannot handle money. If you wish to make any donation, please place your cash money in a red packet available in our shrine hall. Write down your name and ajahn’s name. Just place the red packet in front of Ajahn on the stage or table. The kapiya will then collect it on behalf.

Proximity with Female devotees
The Venerable Ajahns cannot be in any physical contact with Female devotees. In this respect, if any Female devotees wish to make any offering, the Venerable Ajahns will place a napkin in front of him to receive the offering. Please place your offering, be it the donation slip or a plate of food or a cup of drink on the napkin. If the Venerable Ajahn has no napkin with him, he may use a piece of tissue or any material he deem suitable at that time to receive your offering.

With Metta
Ti-Ratana Penchala Community Centre
21, Jalan Penchala
46000 Petaling Jaya