WEDNESDAY , 15 JAN 2014 Uposatha (Observance Day) & Free Vegetarian Lunch

Fullmoon Event at Ti-Ratana Penchala:

Uposatha (Observance Day)
& Free Vegetarian Lunch


Itinerary for the day from 8.30am-5.00pm                                                                             

-Door Open                                                                     8.30am

-Group Chanting and Group Meditation                    10.00am-11.00am   

-Lunch                                                                            11.00am-12.00noon 

-Self Practice                                                                  1.00pm-5pm

Breakfast and Lunch will be served to all participants.

Uposatha days are times of renewed dedication to Dhamma practice, observed by lay followers and monastics throughout the world of Theravada Buddhism.
For monastics, these are often days of more reflection and meditation. In many monasteries physical labour (construction projects, repairs, etc.) is curtailed. On New Moon and Full Moon days the fortnightly confession and recitation of the intensive Bhikkhu Patimokkha (monastic rules of conduct) takes place.
Lay people observe the Eight Precepts on Uposatha days, as a support for meditation practice and as a way to re-energize commitment to the Dhamma. Whenever possible, lay people use these days as an opportunity to visit the local temples or Buddhist centres, in order to make special offerings to the Sangha, to listen to Dhamma, and to practise meditation with Dhamma companions.

Explanation taken from Access to Insight

Enquiries & Confirmation : email to or call Bro Tommy 012 227 1515/ Sis June 012 240 9020