Luang Por Anek & entourage: 16 March 2019 (Sat)

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We are delighted to inform you that LP Anek will be visiting Ti-Ratana Penchala together with four Venerables of the Thai Forest Tradition.

Pindapat : 7.30am.

The Venerables will start from Ti-Ratana Penchala towards Old Town along the Wet Market/ Opposite Public Bank and back to centre.

Dana: 9.00am

Dhamma Talk: ( Thai with English Translation)

Entourage of Sangha: Tan Ajahn Cagino (15), Phra Yanapalo (9), Phra Tanee (7), and Phra Phamopol (6)

Any queries to Please text or call - Shirley-0192951881

LP Anek Yasadinno was born in 1946 in Ubon Province, Thailand. He received ordiatio as a Buddhist monk in 1967 at his local village monastery and moved to Wat Nong Pah Pong in the following year to practice under the tutelage of LP Chah. In 1973, LP Anek became the first abbot of Wat Pah Sai Ngam and played a major role in building up the monastery, where he has since lived. He is one of the respected elders of the greater society of monasteries and monks in the LP Chah lineage.

In conjunction with Luang Por Anek's visit to Ti Ratana Penchala on March 16, 2019, we wish to take this opportunity to do Maha Sangha Dana and Transfer of Merits to the departed ones.Traditionally Chinese in Malaysia practicing "Cheng Beng" to remember and make offerings to the departed ones.

Theravada practice of Transference of Merits is by performing wholesome meritorious deeds and dhamma practice. With the merits accrued one transfers the merits made to the departed ones.

谨借着Lp Anek 3月16日到访Ti ratana Penchala 的机会,我们将举办供僧大会为往生者回向功德。