隆波堪 (Luang Por Kham),76岁,22出家,55戒腊。寺院名为Wat Pa Thai Phatthana, 巴蓬寺第11分院。因弘法利益众生,被敕封Phra Khu。

Luang Por Kham (55 vassa), aged 76, became a monk at the age of 22. He is the abbot of Wat Pa Thai Phatthana, the 11th branch monastery of Wat Nong Pah Pong. He was conferred the title of Phra Khu, because he gave Dhamma talks to benefit sentient beings.

Luang Por Kham is Ajahn Chah’s first batch of disciples and has established many branch monasteries alongside his teacher. In that process, Luang Por spent much time with Ajahn Chah and also established his own practice.

Entourage of sangha members are
LP Khoon (51 vassas), LP Damrung (49), LP Suphap (42) , LP Thawinh (34), Tan Ajahn Dton (19), Tan Ajahn Cagino (14) & Phra Kitiphong (4)
Yes you can bring kind of food offerimg. Opportunity to offer robes, flowers, light. Sponsorship of food: offerings, any kind of donation to perform meritorious deeds on this auspicious day.

26/5 SAT 六
8.30am Door Open for Arrival of guest
8.45am Vesak Offerings, Chanting & Blessings
9:15am Symbolic Buddha Baby Water Offering
10.00am Dana offering to Maha Sangha
11.30am Dhamma Talk
* Vesak Offering to continue till 2pm.

27/5 SUN日
8:00pm *Dhamma Talk 佛法开示

28/5 MON 一
8:00am Pindapat 托钵 @ PJ Old town Market
9:00am Dana 供僧@ TRCCP

*Thai with English translation 泰语英译

On this Auspicious Vesak Day take this Opportunity to offer Robes, Flowers, Light. Sponsorship of Food,Offerings of any kind or Donation.

Please Kindly contact us for the arrangement.

Ti-Ratana Community
Centre Penchala (TiRATANA PENCHALA)
21, Jln Penchala PJ . Contact or text to Tommy 019-2983113/ Shirley 019-2951881
email: tiratanapenchala@gmail.com

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