Wesak at TRCCP with Luang Por Naret: 9-10 May 2017

We are pleased to share our Wesak Day program with you, TRCCP will be hosting LP Naret to preside over our Wesak celebrations, please refer to the enclosed poster for details.

In addition, we will be hosting 7 Ajahns:
Long Phor Boonchu
Long Phor Naret
Tan Ajahn Mai
Tan Ajahn Dton
Tan Ajahn Cagino
Phra Pattharawat
Phra Thee

for food dana on the 9th May at 10.00am at Ti Ratana Penchala.

This is a blessed opportunity for us to host so many senior Ajahns of the Ajahn Chah lineage for Dana on the eve of Wesak.

We look forward to your participation for the 2 days