Dear brothers and sisters, we are pleased to share with you, the latest schedule for LP Gunha's visit, please note that the times of the Pindapat and Dana are changed as per the attached poster, we hope to see you at this most auspicious visit by LP.

He will be accompanied by 8 senior monks from Thailand. The main purpose of his visit is to meet devotees from both countries.

Luang Phor Ganha was born on March 5 , 1950 in Warin Chamrap District in Ubon Rachatani, the northeastern part of Thailand. He was ordained on 4 July 1970 at Wat Supadwanaram in Muang District, Ubon Rachatani. His Preceptor was Phraratchadhamasuthee. His Pali name “Sukhakmo” means “pursuit for happiness”.

He is of the same blood lineage as the famous mediation master Luang Pu Chah (usually known as Ajahn Chah to the foreign people). The latter accepted Luang Phor Ganha to practice under his guidance at Wat Pah Pong for 3 years. After that Luang Phor Ganha started the practice of “Tudong”, the traditional Buddhist wanderer's life. He wandered barefooted throughout Thailand as well as Burma, Lao, Cambodia and Malaysia. Before he stopped his wandering life in 2000, he had travelled over 60,000 km.

After he became the abbot of Wat Phrae Dhammaram, his reputation grew steadily and significantly, especially in the northern Thailand. Currently there are more than 30 branch monasteries and hundreds of Bhikkhus under his guidance, spreading throughout Thailand and Malaysia. Luang Phor Gunha is presently living at Wat Pah Subtavee Dhammaram in Wang Nam Khiao, Nakorn Rachasima.

Below is the travel schedule of Luang Phor Ganha’s Dhamma Tour.

It should be noted that Luang Phor Ganha is a vegetarian. Devotees who wish to perform dana should kindly offer only vegetarian food and drinks.