Mandarin Dhamma talk by Venerable Khai Zhao 14 oct 2014, 8pm at Ti-Ratana Penchala

The Great Merits of Metta 慈心大福
Date: 14 Oct 2014 (Tue)
Time: 8.30- 10.00 pm
Venue: Ti-Ratana Penchala Community Centre
21, Jalan Penchala, 46000 Petaling Jaya.
Selangor. Malaysia
Medium: Mandarin中文
Contact: 012-227 1515 Tommy
012-231 8910 Sister Lai
Ven. Khai Zhao
Ven Khai Zhao was born in Ipoh, Perak. In 1987. He took ordaination with most Ven Book Kian at Penang Ang Hock Si Temple. After graduation from Malaysia Buddhist College in Penang, he started teaching Dhamma in local prisons, especially to death penalty inmates from 1998. Since 2006, he has been travelling locally and abroad teaching Dhamma in prisons, conducting retreats and giving counseling & guidance.
Ven Khai Zhao learnt meditation under the guidance of Ven Boon Keng, Ven Ji Cheng, Bhante Javana, Ven. Xiu Jing, Bhante Thongbai and Sayadaw Pa-Auk . He is currently a member of the Advisory Committee of the Elders at Santavana Forest Hermitage in Sabah and a religious counseling teacher in various prisons