REMEMBERING LOVED ONES WITH ROBE OFFERING CEREMONY- Presided by Luang Pu Tohn ((Phra Ratchayan Wisutthisophon) -SUNDAY 31 MARCH 2013- 5pm-7.30pm

Presided by Luang Pu Tohn ((Phra Ratchayan Wisutthisophon)
-SUNDAY 31 MARCH 2013- 5pm-7.30pm

On the occasion of the Cheng Beng, Wat Chetawan Thai Buddhist Temple together with Ti-Ratana Penchala Community Centre  invites you to a special robe offering ceremony for devotees to transfer merits to their departed Teachers, friends, relatives and loved ones.
This auspicious ceremony is chaired by one of the most respected forest monks in Thailand, Luang Pu Tohn (Phra Ratchayan Wisutthisophon) during  his visit to Malaysia.

All proceeds from this ceremony will support the construction of Phra Maha Chedi (Grand Stupa)  at Wat Sri Apaiyawan, Loei Province, Thailand. The Stupa will enshrine the relics of Lord Buddha and Phra Arahants together with Luang Pu Tohn’s relics and personal belongings for people to pay respect and venerate.

The ceremony will be held on:

  • Date:               Sunday, 31 March 2013
  • Time:               5.30 - 7.30pm
  • Venue:             Dhamma Sala Chariyaphorn, Wat Chetawan
  •                          24, Jalan Pantai, Off Jalan Gasing,
  •                          Petaling Jaya, 46000, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, 4600


-5.00pm                    - Registration of names
-5.45pm                    - Devotees pay respects to the Triple Gem and request for 5 
                                      precepts led by Dr Romdej      
-6.00pm                    - Dhamma talk by Luang Pu Tohn
-6.40pm                    - Commencement of Robe Offering Ceremony
-7.00pm                    - Chanting by Sangha to transfer merits to the departed led
                                      by Luang Pu Tohn
-7.30pm                    - End of Ceremony

*Robes Offering contribution of RM100 each and Co Sponsors are welcome.

*Since Luang Pu Tohn does not handle any money, devotees who wish to support the construction of the Phra Maha Chedi (Grand Stupa) can donate through these methods (refer under method of donation).

*Robe Offering names to be given to us via email/fax/by hand to Ti –Ratana Penchala Community Centre.

*The name/names will be prepared in a list for the and placed on the ceremonial    table on that day.
Name/names of Departed

Amount of donations (currency)

Bank/cash/checque transaction

Name of Donors


Method of transaction

Donation Donations for the robes can be in the form of cash/local cheques or EBanking transaction can be made to:

Lai Chui Keng
A/c no: 1471-0000-163-05-8 (CIMB)


Name of Account: Phraratchayanwisutthisophon (for Chedi construction)
Account Number: 3204953663
Bank name: Siam Commercial Bank PCL
Swift code: SICOTHBK

Receipts from Wat Apaiyawan will be made out to donors on that day

Highest Gift to the Departed
The Buddha says that the greatest gift one can confer on one’s dead ancestors is to perform ‘acts of merit’ and to transfer these merits so acquired. He also says that those who give also receive the fruits of their deeds. The Buddha encouraged those who did good deeds such as offering alms to holy men, to transfer the merits acquired and transfer to their departed. Alms should be given in the name of the departed by recalling to mind such things as, ‘When he was alive, he gave me this wealth; he did this for me; he was my relative, my companion, etc.
(Tirokuddha Sutta --Khuddakapatha)

This wholesome and respectful ceremony will require the participants to dress decently. Exposed top and shorts are not appropriate for the occasion. We seek your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

For further information, contact:
•              Phra Kru Woon, Chetawan Thai Buddhist Temple, 03-7955 2443
•              Mr. Wong Tum Keng, Chetawan Thai Buddhist Temple, 012-324 6246
•              Mr. Romdej Phisalaphong (Rom), Royal Thai Embassy, 017-620 6748
•              Ti-Ratana Penchala Community Centre, 03-7784 9002 / 012-240 9020-   

 *All information are correct as of date of posting and are subject to change.