Pindacara organised by TRCCP for members of the Sangha lead by Chao Khun Supachai, Wat Dhammadahro

5 July 12, Chao Khun Supachai, Wat Dhammadaro (Ajahn Lee Dhammadharo lineage) went pindacara @ Old Town, PJ giving opportunities to many working people the opportunity to perform Dana.

 From the Samyutta Nikaya. It is the Udaya Sutta in the Brahmana Samyutta collection. In it, we are told that the Buddha went to the house of a brahmin named Udaya on his early morning alms-round. The brahmin was happy to see him and put food in the Buddha’s bowl. On the second occasion, Udaya repeated his offering. On the third time, he was annoyed when he saw the Buddha and commented, “This pesky ascetic Gotama keeps coming again and again.” 

The Buddha replied with the following verse: 

Again and again they sow the seed
Again and again the sky god sends down rain
Again and again the ploughmen plough the fields
Again and again rain comes to the kingdom.

Again and again the mendicants beg
Again and again the donors give
When donors have given again and again
Again and again they go to heaven.

Again and again the dairy folk draw milk
Again and again the calf goes to the mother
Again and again one wearies and trembles
Again and again the dolt enters the womb.

Again and again one is born and dies
Again and again they take one to the cemetery.

When one has obtained the Path
That leads to no more renewed existence.
Having become broad in wisdom
One is not born again and again!

When the brahmin heard this he was pleased and took refuge in the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha for life. 

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