FAQ & MAP -Ajahn Chah Remembrance Day (ACRD) - 17 & 18 Dec 2011

Dear friends of the Dhamma,

Here are the Frequently Ask Questions and Map for the forthcoming event of AJAHN CHAH REMEMBRANCE DAY (ACRD) 17 AND 18 DEC 2011

Ajahn Chah Remembrance Day (ACRD) - 17 & 18 Dec 2011

o   General information
o   Getting there
o   Attire
o   Dana
o   Food Offering
o   Supporting the Event

1.         What is Ajahn Chah Remembrance Day?
It is a day to commemorate and remember the dhamma teachings of the late Venerable Ajahn Chah who passed away on 16 Jan 1992. It is also a day of gratitude, from student to teacher, as well as a day of reflection and dhamma practice.

2.         Where is it held? SJK ( C )Yuk Chai, Jalan SS24/1, Taman Megah, 47301 Petaling Jaya.

3.         What time will the event start and end?
The event starts at 8.30am and ends around 9.00pm on the first day. On the 2nd day, it starts at 8.30 am and ends at 5.00 pm
4.         What is the programme for the day?
There will be alms round, dhamma talks, meditation. Parittas Chanting etc.

5.         Who are the speakers
Many of the Western disciples of Ajahn Chah namely Tan Ajahn Sucitto (UK), Tan Ajahn Viradhammo (Canada), Tan Ajahn Nyanadhammo,(Thailand) Tan Ajahn Kalyano,(Australia) Tan Ajahn Chandako (New Zealand) & Tan Ajahn Siripunnyo (Thailand).

6.         Will there be a Puja and Guided Meditation session?
Yes. There will be an evening Puja followed by Guided Meditation from 5.00pm 6.15 pm.

7.      How can I participate?
1.      a)      You can attend any or all the sessions throughout the day. We encourage           youto attend all.
         b)      Help promote this event to your family, colleagues and friends.
         c)      Make a donation to reprint free dhamma publications written by Ajahn  Chah and his disciples to share with others or make offerings to support the communities of the Monasteries of the speakers.
         d)      Bring an offering of food (vegetarian and/or non-vegetarian) 7.30am
                   8.30 am to the venue to be offered to the Sangha.
         e)      Participate in the Pindapata/alms round by being at the venue by 8.30

2.      Will there be food served on that day?
A light meal will be served to the public at 10.30 am and some light refreshment in the evening of 17 December 2011. Water will be available throughout the day.

3.      Will there be dhamma books by Ajahn Chah and his disciples for free distribution?
Yes. There will be a free distribution counter. We encourage you to bring your own recyclable bag and to only take a set per household.

4.      Where can I direct my enquiries?
You can call the supporting organization nearest to you.

1.      How do I get there?
By driving or taking public transportation such as Putra LRT to Kelana Station.

2.      Where can I park my car?
Limited parking is available at the event venue. To maintain the goodwill of the residents, do park mindfully. If possible, please car pool or take public transport

1.      What should I wear?
Dress modestly. Comfortable attire with long pants will be adequate. Kindly refrain from wearing singlet, shorts or low cut and/or spaghetti-strapped tops.

D. DANA - FOOD OFFERING 1.       What is Dana?
Dana is a Pali word that can be translated as giving, generosity, charity and liberality. Dana can be performed in various ways e.g. offering of food, making donations - monetary or non monetary, volunteering time/ effort, lending help to a person in need and many others.

2.      Why Dana?
s teaching namely Giving (Dana), Morality (Sila), Meditation or Mental cultivation (Bhavana). Dana is the first step towards eliminating the defilements of greed, hatred and delusion (lobha, dosa, moha). For every act of giving is an act of non-greed, non-hatred, non-delusion. When you give, loving kindness (metta) and compassion (karuna) arise within your heart. So at that time, greed, hatred or ill will and delusion would be absent.

3.      What is the best Dana?
Give from the heart. It is the intention of giving that is of foremost importance.

4.      Why do we offer Food Dana to the monks?
We offer food in support of the monks, so they may continue in their spiritual practice and in turn guide us (the laity) in the Dhamma (teachings of the Buddha).

5.      How does the Sangha gather food?
Usually the Forest Tradition Sangha will go for alms round with their alms bowl within the vicinity of their monastery or place of dwelling in the early morning. The food is offered by villagers, laity and supporters. Upon return from their alms round, they will partake in the food gathered before noon. For this event, we encourage the public to make a food offering to the Sangha.

6.      What time does the Sangha at Ajahn Chah Remembrance Day event take their meal?
After pindapata at 9.00am
7. Can I bring food to offer to the Sangha on that day?
Yes and please bring between 7.30 to 8.30 am.
8. What type of food must I bring?
You can bring vegetarian or non-vegetarian dishes, cut fruits or desserts. You can call Sis Theresa Toh: 013-3366278 or Sis Emily Bong : 012-3399238 to let her know what you are bringing.

9. How much food must I bring?
Giving is from the heart so bring any amount that you are comfortable with.

10. Where shall I bring my food offering on the event day?
Please bring your food to the Food Receiving Counter before 8.30 am. Our volunteers will be on hand to receive your food.

11. How should I pack and label the food?
You can pack the food in any recyclable containers or any of your own. Please LABEL your food container with your NAME so you can collect it back after the Meal Offering from the designated counters.

1. How do I support the event?
In line with the Vinaya (Monastic Code of Conduct) as laid down by the Lord Buddha, the forest monks do not accept, hold or keep money. You can drop your donation into the Donation Boxes provided or at the respective counters or you can write a cheque payable to Bandar Utama Buddhist Society and please write ACRD Dec 2011 on the reverse of the cheque. All donations will be to support the Community of the Monasteries of the speakers or for any other purposes the Venerable Ajahns deem fit and proper

2. Are you printing any books for the event and how can I contribute to the printing
Yes, we are. You can donate to the cost of publication by cash or write a cheque to Sukhi Hotu Sdn Bhd. Tel: 03- 78426828

3. Is there a minimum amount to give?
No. Any amount is welcomed.       

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