UPDATE 1 - Ajahn Chah Remembrance Day (20th Anniversary)- 17 & 18 Dec 2011

Dear Brothers & Sisters


We would like to invite you to this auspicious event. See below poster for details and some programmes are subject to change. We would like to highlight certain programmes for your attention and we are also looking for kapiyas & volunteers during the event.

There will be approximately 40 sangha members (Thai forest tradition monks)

Dec 17 & 18 , 2011

Pindapatta - 9am
Venue - in the school compound.

Only offer cooked rice.
We expected there will be more than hundreds of devotees who will be attending the pindapatta . We are looking for volunteers who can cook a pot of rice from their home and bring over to the school by 7.30am for the 2 days, please let us know. Kindly email us your name & contact number by 30 Nov 2011


- Volunteers needed for 2 days to distribute water  (morning shift & afternoon shift). Comes in water dispenser.Just replenish when is finish. Just make sure people don't throw the cups everywhere.

- Hall set up & decor


- To assist the monks during pindapata & dana
- must be at the venue by 7am cos there will be briefing and each kapiya will be assigned to a monk.
- all kapiyas must wear white top & black pants. However, 8 preceptors are welcome to wear all white

Please email Bro Tan Buck Soon your name & contact number -  jpteguh@gmail.com


Devotees are welcome  to bring food (vegetarian or non vegetarian, fruits, desserts, appertiser etc) for dana between 7.30 - 8.30am and pass it to  Food Receiving counter. Please label your container with your name and contact number. And you may collect it after the meal offering from the designated counters. Any uncollected containers can be claimed from Uttama Bodhi Vihara, Bandar Utama within a 7 days.Any unclaimed containers will be donated or send for recycling.

Alternatively, you may use a disposable container like disposable aluminium foil trays (suggestions only)

Please contact Sis Theresa Toh - 013- 3366278 / Sis Lily Bong 012-3399238 to let them know what you are bringing

- Remember 3R - Reuse, Recycle & Reduce
- Devotees are encourage to bring recycle bag (WE SUPPORT NO PLASTIC BAGS) if you wish to collect free dhamma books. Donations are welcome for reprinting of books.
- Plates will be distributed during pindapata to put the rice for you to offer to the sanghas. It must be returned to the volunteers so that you can reuse them later for your meal. You are also encourage/welcome to bring your own containers to put rice
- Devotees are also most welcome to bring your own containers for food or even for your drinks.


With Metta
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