PINDAPATTA (8am), SANGHIKA DANA( 10am) DHAMMA TALK( 8pm) on 17 Aug 2011

PINDAPATTA (8am), SANGHIKA DANA( 10am) DHAMMA TALK( 8pm) on 17 Aug 2011

 Namo Buddhaya Brothers and Sisters in the Dhamma

We are pleased to announce on the 16-18 Aug 2011,Ti-Ratana Penchala will be expecting 15 Mahasanghas members whom are Abbots of branch Monasteries of Loung Por Gunha's,Thailand. The branch monasteries are all over Thailand and we are fortunate not having to travel the distance to meet with the 15 Abbots Monks.

See details below:


16 Aug - 7.00pm
17 Aug - 4.30 pm

Serving tea, coffee,honey, fruit juices (fresh or packet fruit juices without pulp, fruit juices, tomato juice is allowed), dark chocolate (without milk/fruits/nuts), sorbet with no residue of pulps or particles, sunflower seeds, soft cheese (cheese stick,cheddar,Danish Camembert, brie etc ) and seaweed.
When offering fresh fruit juice it is important that it is well strained so that no pulp or fruit particles remain, for the fruit itself counts as food and so cannot be consumed in the afternoon. Some places in Thailand will strain the juice in a cloth filter seven times to make sure, but the main point is that the filter is fine enough.

"Juice drinks include the freshly squeezed juice of sugar cane, lotus root, all fruits except grain, all leaves except cooked vegetables, and all flowers except the [bassia latifolia] (Mahaavagga.VI.35.6). According to the Commentary, the juice must be strained, and may be warmed by sunlight but not heated over a fire."(BMC p.339)

Some communities will not accept fruit juice made from 'large fruits':

"In discussing the Great Standards, the Commentary says that grain is a "great fruit," and thus the juice of any one of nine large fruits — palmyra fruit, coconut, jack fruit, breadfruit, bottle gourd, white gourd, musk melon, water melon, and squash — would fall under the same class as the juice of grain... From this judgment, many Communities [in Thailand] infer that the juice of any large fruit, such as pineapple or grapefruit, would also be classed as a non-staple food [and therefore could not be consumed in the afternoon.]" (BMC p.339)

* If you wish to offer above items to Loung Por and Ajahns, please inform us by 11 Aug. All items must be prepared and served individual portion basis.

Pindapatta and Sanghika Dana
Date :17 Aug 2011
Time : 8.00 am (subject to change)

Dhamma Talk
Date : 17 Aug 2011
Time : 7.30pm
Venue :
Thai Buddhist Chetawan Temple
 No 24, Jalan Pantai, 46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Tel: 03-7957-2255.

* We are looking for volunteers who can send to & fro from our centre and Wat Chetawan on 17 Aug 2011 for Dhamma Talk.Please contact us if you can.


For Brothers & Sisters who are coming to volunteer yourself during dana & pindappata, appreciate if you can be in our centre on 17 Aug 2011 @ 7.30am.

and for Pana
16 Aug - to be in our centre by 7.00pm
18 Aug - to be in our centre by 4.00pm.


Accordance to Chinese calender,it is the 7th lunar month therefore it is a good opportunity to perform transference of merits to the departed especially in the presence of the Mahasanghas. 

Remarks - Vegetarian 

According to Thai forest tradition, lay people do not touch the food once it is offered. The monks will help them self serving the food. (Once the food is touched, it has to be re-offered)

IMPORTANT REMINDERS- Practice your Mindfulness

The Monks observe a total of 227 rules. It is therefore of paramount importance that we as, the Lay Devotees, ensure that  we conduct ourselves properly so that the Monks do not breach any rules. Here we wish highlight the few rules which we as Lay Devotees can take note and be mindful of:-
Respectful Dress Code -no exposed shoulders and legs       
For male devotees          :
Long pants and shirt or T-shirt with shoulders covered.
For female devotees      :            
Long pants or long skirt and shirt  or T-shirt with shoulders covered.

NO shorts, NO tank tops. NO transparent shirt or T-shirt.Three-quarter pant is not encouraged.

Handling of Money
The Monks cannot handle money. If you wish to make any donation, please place your cash money in a red packet available in our shrine hall. Write down your name and Ajahn’s name. Just place the red packet in front of Ajahn on the seated platform or table. The kapiya (assistant to member of sanghas) will then collect it on your behalf.

Proximity with Female devotees
The Monks cannot be in any physical contact with Female devotees. In this respect, if any Female devotees wish to make any offering, the Monks will place a napkin in front of him to receive the offering. Please place your offering, be it the donation slip or a plate of food or a cup of drink on the napkin. If the Monks has no napkin with him, he may use a piece of tissue or any material he deem suitable at that time to receive your offering.



-All devotees are advised to use the right passage after you enter the main gate to go to the kitchen if you bring food for dana and if they are in packets, you may use the food container available at the centre. Those food already in the container, you may place them on the table available, ensure the food has a spoon to enable the monks to pick up the food.
- The left passage is STRICTLY for Sanghas (monks).
- Use the right passage side door if you need to go to the Gents or Ladies.
- Use the front glass door to enter the shrine hall
- Bring along extra containers or tiffin, we are most happy to share blessed food after everyone has taken their meal.
- Washing area is provided at the back of the centre (wet kitchen), kindly wash your own or cutleries, utensils, food containers after meal and place them in basket provided. It is meritorious to give your service/help in such a place so offer to help wipe the utensils, wash and clean up.We have limited washing basin,your kind patience is highly appreciated.

It is meritorious to give your service/help in such a place so offer to help wipe the utensils, wash and clean up.
Merits Making Day for volunteers
Meanwhile, we need some volunteers during this event. We need around 20 helpers to help assist us on 17 Aug 2011. Volunteers are requested to register by calling up Sis Honey at 03-77849002 or email us

We are also looking for volunteers who can pick up the Loung por/ajahns from KLIA on 16 Aug 2011 @ 6pm . Please contact us if you can.

1) Photographer - please let us know if you are good in photography . Capture every moment.We would like to archive it

2) 2 Ursherettes - Need your help to show the way to devotees the way to kitchen, washing area, toilets.
3) Set up tables to place food for dana , cutleries, plates, serving gear and also chairs for devotees to sit during meal. Sort out the food like fruits, drinks, kuih , vegetarian and non vegatarian dishes in sections.And also to keep the tables & chairs away after the meal (male & female devotees are welcome)
These are the many volunteers that we need to sort out the food

Chairs set up for devotees to sit during the meal

4) Help to mob the shrine hall after the dana
5) Wash the floor (outside where we place the food) after dana
6) Help to clear and wash the food containers use after dana

7) Follow and assist the monk during alms round. 

8) You are welcome to the ritual of washing the ajahns' foot after the alms round. Get ready the water, pail, soap and cloth. Only brothers are allowed. We need at least 5 brothers to assist.

Monks go on alms round bare feet. Upon their return, Monks allow devotees to wash their feet for the purpose of practicing humility, service, reverence, overcoming aversion and ego.

9) Assist the sanghas with alms bowl to take the food. (brothers only) - Require 17 brothers. A great opportunity to serve the monk
10)Help to wash sangha's alms bowl (brothers only)

When one perform such wholesome deeds with a wholesome and happy mind, one reap great benefits.