Human Potential Development Talks - PERCEPTION, INTENTION, EXPECTATION (For non muslim only)

Dear Brothers & Sisters

Sukhihotu. We invite you to the following talk by Bro Billy. Details as follows:-

DATE              :           6th AUGUST 2011
TIME               :           7:30PM – 9:00PM
DURATION    :           Approx 90 minutes including Q & A
VENUE          :           Ti-Ratana Penchala Shrine Hall


To help us understand our how our thoughts and emotions interact to form our Perception of the world around us, and how Intentions and Expectations motivate our behaviour. We apply this learning from a Buddhist perspective to help us experience greater happiness and peace of mind.


How do we perceive the world through our senses? What motivates us to behave in certain ways? Why do we sometimes react emotionally while other times we can remain calm and rational? Whether we become happy, or unhappy, this has a lot to do with our Perception of the world around us, as well as our Intentions and our Expectations in everyday life.

The speaker first explains some of the happenings inside our mind and body from a psychological perspective – how Perceptions are formed, how emotions are aroused, how we become motivated to take action, and what happens to our physiology when we are emotionally aroused.

The speaker then relates latest findings in Psychology and Neuroscience with key aspects of Buddhist teachings such as of “karma”, “vipaka”, the 5 Aggregates, and the 6 Sensual Fields.

Video of research findings from the fields of Psychology and Neuroscience help enhance the presentation.


Bro. Billy Tan is an independent Professional Trainer and Business Development Consultant with 32 years experience working in more than 20 countries worldwide including Asia/Pacific, Africa, Europe and the USA. He has held various senior management positions such as General Manager of Systems & Methods and General Manager of Training & Qualification, as well as Head of Sales & Marketing and Head of Customer Services and Education in multi-national corporations.

Bro. Billy has been training senior management and business professionals world-wide for over 25 years in Sales & Marketing, Logistics, Production, Customer Services, and Leadership with special emphasis in Mindset and Attitude development.

Bro. Billy is a Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt practitioner, as well as being certified by International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT USA) in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Since early 2010, Bro. Billy has conducted several training programs for staff and volunteers at Buddhist Maha Vihara in Brickfields as well as intensive training programs for several Resident and Visiting Monks at Buddhist Maha Vihara covering topics such as Emotional Intelligence, Communication, Professional Presentation, Community Services, Leadership and Management.

Bro. Billy Tan co-authored the business book entitled “Streetwise Marketer: Marketing Leadership Approaches They Don’t Teach At Business Schools” published by Malaysian Institute of Management (MIM).


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