24 July 2011 Dhamma Sharing - BUDDHISM and CONSCIOUSNESS (for non muslim only)

Dear Brothers & Sisters


This dhamma discussion uses scientific and medical concepts to make sense of the world in both ordinary and physical terms as well as in terms of Buddhist terminology or concepts. For example how does the vision of a beautiful panorama translates into something meaningful ?
Mind, consciousness, memory, rebirth, meditation, reality and ultimate reality will be discussed in terms of physical, scientific and medical knowledge.
It will certainly be an interesting session in the spirit of the KALAMA SUTTA. "

Date       : 24th July 2011 (Sun)
Time      : 3.00 pm.
Speaker : Dr Thong Kok Wai
Venue    : Ti-Ratana Penchala Shrine Hall

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Brief background of Dr. Thong Kok Wai is as follows:
A Family Practitioner for more than 30 years, mostly involved in the care and welfare of his patients and educating with talks on healthcare and Buddhism at his clinic. Also a Life member of Malaysian Medical Association and Buddhist Missionary Society and on the Committee for Human Rights of MMA. Treasurer of the Malaysian Society of Physicians for Social Responsibility and on the Committee of the Malaysian Chapter of IPPNW (International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War). Also has been active in various other physician organizations. Buddhist work involved participation in Mercy missions such as after the 2004 Tsunami, fundraising for relief work and for famine etc. Also participated in Stupa construction with Bro T W Lim’s group of Klang in Meru, and in Aloka and in Myanmar etc. Lately, because he had a ‘near death experience’, he was invited by Bro Chan P H to give a talk on ‘Preparing for Death’ at Selangor Vipassana Society. Some members wanted to know more about some of the subjects that was raised, and I agreed to discuss this under the topic ‘Buddhism and Consciousness’.

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