Ajahn Jumnien's devotees

We are so happy to have Brother Dickson from Singapore, Sister Viviene and Sister Michelle, from Hong Kong and they all came to Kuala Lumpur to attend Ajahn Jumnien's Dhamma event.

We had our one day retreat with Ajahn Jumnien and here are words of appreciationemailed to us from participant Mr Michael Kuang.

Dear Ti-Ratana,

Thanks for the great arrangement for the 1 Day retreat with LP Jumnien. Great venue for such a noble event.

It is a great experience having a live session with one of the greatest meditator of our time..

I am just wondering if LP Jumnien's have any center here that practices the middle path method of meditation?

How often LP Jumnien's goes back to Krabi? It would be great to try making an effort to learn fr him directly again if fate permits..

Do keep me in your mail list for any retreat..I would like to know if there any more meditation retreats being planned for the year.

Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu
Michael Kuang

Do not miss out the opportunity for a Great master is right here with us in person.........

Old & young bonding before Dana

Viviene & Michelle from Hong Kong

Lisa khoo & Datin Siew Chea

Family members and the community come together to perform Dana.

Dato Teo Chiang Hong's hosted Pana at his residence for Ajahn Jumnien