Serene Mind Workshop by Mae Chee Sansannee (Review & Testimonies)

Serene Mind Workshop was introduced to us by Dhammesi Teo, the event was sponsored by WAKI International & Metrowealth International. It was organised by the Ti-Ratana Penchala team, supported by Innovate Solutions Sdn Bhd and Lumbini Garden. The event was held at the Crystal Crown on the !7 Sept .

Review & testimonies  by Leni Mah and Sister Janice Teo on Serene Mind Workshop by Mae Chee Sansannee

To parents and parents-to-be

Yesterday I attended a "Serene Mind" workshop conducted by a Thai nun, Mae Chee Sansannee, also an ex-model, for pregnant ladies. She emphasised on the importance of transferance of good and positive energy and thoughts by both mother and father considering the fact that the womb is the world of the feotus and the mother's breath is it's breath. Also basing on the fact, from recorded scans of a feotus between 30 -38 weeks, showing that it could smile, yawn, stick it's tongue out and suck it's fingers. 

She shared the following exercise & suggestions :

For pregnancy below 8 months: The mother holds the father's hands and guide his hands rubbing round the stomach in circular motion, with serene music / lyrics / chants, with the mind being present with the feeling of motion of the foetus within.

For pregnancy above 8 months: The mother holds the father's hands and guide his hands  in downward motion along the stomach, from it's legs to it's head which should be normally at the lower part of the womb at this stage againwith serene music / lyrics / chants, with the mind being present with the feeling of motion of the foetus within.

She also stressed the importance of the mother's mind to be continuously at ease, stressfree and without feeling of anger. Should there be feeling of any stress / anger, practice mindfulness, to be the witness / observer of your own feelings / thoughts and not to be the feeling / thoughts, would be good for the feotus.

Mae Chee also encouraged parents to start a "piggy-bank" from the time of conception till the birth of the baby. When the baby is born, the amount collected in the piggy-bank to be donated to charity or a good cause. This is an act of goodness for the baby at the start of it's life in this world. A baby conceived is not the choice of the parents of it, but it's choice of it's parents. The baby belongs to the world and not to the parents hence the parents duty to assist the child in this birth of its lifetime.

Many parents-to-be visit Mae Chee in Thailand. If you wish for more info do visit this website

My feelings after the session.... wouldn't mind being pregnant again to experience it with my current mindset :))

By Leni Mah

"Thanks for organizing this  workshop... it is really meaningful and full of energy!"
 By Janice Teo

                                            Mae Chee's visit to Ti-Ratana Welfare Society
                    Participants following Mae Chee in body movement session

Mae Chee attending to the youth in reminding them of their importance as the future caretakers of the earth.

                                                 Group photo with participants

It was a successful workshop for many left the workshop with a happy body & mind.
We hope for Mae Chee to come and visit us next year to conduct another workshop
My heartfelt gratitude to the organizing comittee, working partners, volunteers , sponsors , participants, Dhammesi,  Mae Chee Sassanee & Venerable Chief Dhammaratana in making these event a huge success. 

Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu

Posted by Catherine Lai